Baydur, Rim, Insulating foam, Rigid integral, Rigid polyurethane

Modern material that combines design freedom and functionality in perfect symbiosis. A polyurethane with impressive advantages such as different thicknesses within the same article, competing with injection molding and vacuum forming, cheap tooling and high resistance to wear.

Polyurethanes are usually characterized by very good wear resistance, high elasticity, chemical resistance and oil resistance, resistance to both low and high temperatures, resistance to weather, wind and UV radiation, non-static, good insulation and sound dampening ability. Polyurethane elastomers have properties that in many cases match and exceed rubber. Polyurethane is also very suitable for embedding sensitive electronics in exposed environments.

  • Hardness 80-85 shore D
  • Available in density from 30 – 1050 g/l
  • Withstands temperatures above 100 degrees
  • Product thicknesses 3-400 mm.
  • Toughened, impact-resistant material can be obtained
  • Shot weights up to 200kg

Why rigid integrals?

  • Much lower tooling price than injection molding
  • It can include composites, such as fiberglass reinforced solid polyurethane
  • combined with steel, or other plastic materials with properties intended for e.g. high strength under load
  • Different thicknesses within the same article
  • No settling that you can get when injection molding
  • Competitive in batches up to 3-4000 pcs/year against injection molding
  • Withstands temperatures between approx. -40 °C and +100 °C
  • Resistant to oils, gasoline, solvents
  • You can cast inserts such as threads, etc
  • Has a high resistance to impact, elongation
  • Hardness 80 shore D
  • Densities from 30 – 105 grams/litre

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