The properties of the elastomer material surpass and often replace applications where rubber has traditionally been used in the past. Can be varied from extremely soft and stretchable to very hard and dimensionally stable. Also implies a good load absorption capacity with very little settling of the original shape.

The material has good aging properties and high hydrolysis resistance and is therefore well suited for outdoor use.

  • Can be made resistant to methane gas
  • Can be obtained very durable and elastic, very good cold and heat properties
  • Hardnesses 40° Shore A to 65° shore D
  • Available in Polyester, Polyether and Hybrid variants
  • Shot weights up to 1 ton

Examples of applications:
– Elastic structural and machine elements
– Wheels, dampers, gaskets
– Gaskets, Mebran
– Wear parts such as seals, conveyor belts
– Offshore details, fenders

Våra material

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