When is polyurethane used?

Examples of areas of use are: membranes, mats, wear protection, seals, furniture, glue, cable connectors, shoes, upholstery, car parts, construction and sound insulation, wheels, arms, headrests, various types of offshore products and when embedding electronics. Polyurethane is also used in various forms of plates, rods and rolls. Only the imagination sets the limits.

Polyurethane in our everyday life

We come into contact with polyurethane every day because the material is found in a number of different types of consumer and industrial products that help make our lives a little easier. For example, shoe soles, upholstery for furniture, car parts, building insulation, wearing parts, wheels, mattresses, sound insulation, embedding of electronics, armrests, headrests, seat cushions… The list can be made long – and it keeps getting longer as new areas of use and materials are discovered.

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