We promise what we can keep, and we keep what we promise. It must permeate all quality work.

At Pur Partner, we consider quality as a measure of our performance from the customer’s point of view. Our goal is to always ensure that we understand the customer’s needs, as well as exceed the customer’s expectations for our products. We listen to our customers and constantly strive for lasting improvements to the business.

Managers and employees must be aware of the customer’s expectations as well as laws, requirements and regulations regarding the goods we deliver.

It is the management’s responsibility to support, coordinate and follow up the quality work. Preventive quality measures must be prioritized, and the management is responsible for ensuring that continuous and goal-oriented work with improving quality measures is complied with throughout the organization.

An important part of our quality work is to ensure that there are the right conditions through equipment and skills development, to give all employees the opportunity to perform their work in the best possible way. All employees must be given the opportunity to understand their own role and be able to take responsibility for the quality of their work. An important part of this work is that management clearly delegates responsibility and authority.

If a quality deficiency occurs, management together with the employees must prevent it from happening again. All employees must immediately take appropriate measures to remedy a quality deficiency in the fastest and best way.

Pur Partners’ quality work must be imbued with customer focus, personal responsibility, understanding, co-influence and to immediately implement the necessary measures to strive for maximum value for the customer. We are ISO certified according to quality 9001 and also environment according to 14001 and we work according to the Lean philosophy.

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