Foamed polyurethane also called flex integral, Urethane foam, Integral foam.

Our products and constructions are used for membranes, mats, wear protection, seals, gaskets, armrests, beds, sofas, chairs, boat fenders, cable ties and offshore products just to name a few examples. Thanks to differences in manufacturing technology and mixing, the properties of the foamed polyurethane can be adapted to the desired area of use.

  • Available in hardnesses 10 – 90 shore A
  • Shot weight up to 20kg
  • Suitable in tropical environment, water, outdoors, indoors
  • Is UV stable
  • You can cast inserts, wood, steel, threads, etc
  • Has a high resistance to impact, elongation
  • Different thicknesses within the same article

Examples of applications:
– Elastic structural and machine elements 
– Wheels, dampers, gaskets and mats 
– Armrests, cushions, tables, chairs 
– Wear parts such as seals, conveyor belts 
– Offshore details, fenders 

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