Medical engineering & rehabilitation

Polyurethane products for medical technology & rehab

Pur Partners’ medical technology and rehab business areas demonstrate how our materials can really be used. We can manufacture really soft cushions, armrests or seats that are also biocompatible and also products with the same properties as injection molded plastic in 80-90 shore D. Pur Partner has a solid knowledge of products for the rehabilitation industry.

We can adapt the material properties to what the customer wants, soft or hard material.

Experience shows that polyurethane products can be the solution to many problems, good resistance to water and working temperature between -40 and +80 degrees C.

With downtime costs to a minimum, you need solutions that work. Hard and tough conditions demand good performance. Our polyurethane solutions cover these factors.

We have soft materials from 25 shore A to hard up to 80-90 shore D.

We can offer the complete service from prototypes to small and large manufacturers, whether it is a simple or complex part. We strive to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions that match your specific business needs and requirements.

Our products are mostly completely custom made, but we can offer our own work mats to assist staff working on hard floors.

Got crazy ideas?

Perfect, challenge us!

We are happy to get involved early in the process, to brainstorm your unfinished ideas with you.