Solid polyurethane products for the mining industry

One of Pur Partners’ largest business areas is the mining industry. In the largest mines in Sweden and Norway, France, Canada and Australia, you will find our screening media, scrapers, and vibration dampers as well as our sealing protections. Pur Partner has solid knowledge of applications both underground and above ground.

Solid Polyurethane is a unique material. We can adapt the material properties to what the customer wants.

Experience shows that PUR rubber products can be the solution to many technical problems. Good resistance to water and working temperature between -40 to +80 degrees C make polyurethane particularly suitable.

With downtime costs to a minimum, you need solutions that work. Hard and tough conditions demand good performance. Our polyurethane solutions cover these factors and more.

We can provide the complete service from prototypes to small and large productions, whether it is a simple or complex part. We strive to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions that match your specific business needs and requirements.

Our products are for the most part completely customized to be able to solve a functionality and its requirements for wear resistance and elasticity, but to some extent we also offer standard products such as polyurethane plates and also various round rods or square rods.

Got crazy ideas?

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We are happy to get involved early in the process, to brainstorm your unfinished ideas with you.